Water Mobility

A Revolutionary Yacht Sensation

A futuristic yacht that is fully customisable and measures 24ft in length.

Capsule Shaped

Light weight materials. The Jet Capsule is made from 70 per cent carbon using vacuum-infusion moulding and has photochromic windows, which change their transparency in response to light intensity.

Jet Propulsion

With a cutting-edge hydro propulsion system, the Jet Capsule is equipped with a single or dual engines ranged from 370 to 740 horsepower with a top speed of 35 knots, or 40mph.

Luxury Experience

A compact yacht that can still be luxurious. Small enough to minimise high costs for it being kept in a port, but large enough to be able to carry a group of friends in comfort to an island where they can sleep aboard in comfort.

Multiple Identity

A fully-customisable interior that can include a small kitchen and bathroom as well as beds, luxurious extras such as mood lighting and a sundeck.

Technical Specification

A futuristic yacht that is fully customisable and measures 24ft in length.

Details Units
LOA "Lenght over all" 7.85 m
Waterline Lenght 5.80 m
Max Width 3.44 m
Hull Width 3.38 m
Waterline Width 3.00 m
Max immersion 0.50 m
Design Category C
Dry Displacement 2.30 t
Displacement at Full Load 3.58 t
Fuel Capacity 230 L
Fresh Water Capacity 88 L
Standard Power Single Engine Installed 1x370 hp
Water Jet HamiltonJet
Max Speed 35 knots*
Cruising Speed at Full Load 23 knots*
Standard Full Tank Autonomy 110 NM
Maximum Load 12+1 ps


Jet Capsule is fully customizable and some possible configurations are displayed below.

JetCapsule Limousine
JetCapsule Taxi
JetCapsule Private
JetCapsule Classic


We are an italian team of enterpreneurs, dreamers, designers, engineers and boat builders.
Our ambition is to generate a changement in the marine industry.

The Jet Capsule S.r.l.

Brief Company Informations

Company's Establishment Date: May 28, 2012;
Legal Entity Form: Limited Liability Company
Shareholders: Mr. Pierpaolo Lazzarini, Prof. David Provenzani
Board of Directors: CEO and Design Developement, Mr. Pierpaolo Lazzarini
Marketing director: Prof. David Provenzani
Engineering department: Mr.Stefano Milanesi
Company's Establishment Date: May 28, 2012;
Production Site: Via Lucullo No. 71, Baia, Napoil, Italy (Fiart Mare S.P.A. production site);
Current Production Capacity: 30 ( thirty) units per year;
Company' s Website: www.jetcapsule.com;

Company’s Mission:

“ …looking always at the design innovation, technology excellence and people's desires, in order to reach the perfect balance among style, quality level and human dream's responses in every product we develop… ”.

2010 - Idea

Pierpaolo Lazzarini, former automotive designer, thinks about a new boating concept.

2012 - Foundation and Patent

Jet Capsule is covered by international patent in order to preserve its special design and proportions.

2013 - Prototype

After an engineering stage the first Jet Capsule working prototype has been developed.

2014 - Presentation

Jet Capsule has been officially presented to the international Monaco Boat Show and has been highly appreciated by visitors and insiders.

2015 - First Order

First order received! A New Water Mobility Era is now started!

2018 - Goes Worldwide

Jet Capsule exports first units in China, Canada and Spain!


A selection list of pubblication on paper and web magazine.

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  • Via della bozzana Est, Viareggio, Lucca, IT 55049
  • info@jetcapsule.com
  • Italy +39 333 232 45 47
  • International +39 333 232 45 47
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